The healing begins:

  • The Healing Committee is a collaboration of American singer-songwriters Alan Whitney, Kathryn Koch, and Tim Pitcher. The three trade lead vocal and supporting roles on a wide range of songs, vocal harmony, guitars, and harmonica.  Their sound is a groove-driven American roots blend of Country, Folk, and Soul

  • The Healing Committee debut album is completed. It will be released in 2020

  • The THC album ready for folks to start enjoying songs from our upcoming release. Check for updates on our music page.

  • Please Listen and Buy here at this website directly from Alan, Kathryn and Timmy P. and the artists at The Healing Committee. 

  • Your pre-order of a CD or Vinyl LP will give you access to THC exclusive digital content today that will update throughout the year.  Help us put the physical album in your hands this year.

Thank you, We appreciate you.

ADub, Kathryn and Timmy P. The Healing C

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